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The early pots, such as those of my grandmother's, were very distinctive, decorated with beautiful Art Nouveau flowers. However, the later pots bear a distinct familiarity with our English Torquay Pottery - such as the 'Ladybird' pattern and some of the scroll patterns. In fact most Torquay Pottery collectors have one or two pieces of P.A.W. Pottery which have usually been bought by mistake!

At the moment P.A.W. Pottery is quite unfashionable to collect - but its history fascinates me. One theory is that workers from the continental potteries came to England at the end of the 19th Century to work in the new Torquay potteries, such as Aller Vale and Watcombe. Then as the start of the First World War drew near they were sent home, but carried on using the same designs back at the P.A.W. potteries.

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