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The history and description of PAW pottery

Marks on PAW Pottery

PAW mark

The simple PAW mark

Alternative 'Patent Protected' mark

PAW 'Patent Protected' mark

Crown Mark

The rare PAW 'Crown' mark

The early pots have the maker's mark as P.A.W. in one of two sizes.

This is followed by the shape code, either a 2, 3 or 4 digit number. So far, of those seen, the lowest is 68 and the highest is 1431.

The final number is the size code, which is a single figure between 0 and 8, with 8 being the largest. To give an idea of actual size the number 5 is used on pots of about 10 to 12 inches high.

Even with the same shape and size code, the pots can have different colours and patterns.

Some pots, which appear to be of later design have a different mark with P.A.W. in an oval, surrounded by the words "Gesetzlich Geschützt" which means Patent Protected.

Occasionally, as on the picture here, there is a potter's mark inscribed as well.

Other pots, as illustrated in "Art Nouveau in Blossom" are inscribed with the words 'P.A.W. Frainersdorf Süd Mähren AP'.

There is one other mark that appears occasionally and that is the PAW Crown mark as shown in the picture here. It is formed by the letters A and W superimposed with a crown in the centre. Only a few pots with these marks have been found. Here it is on a pot number 700, size 5, with a design similar to that in page 2 of the gallery, but with a brown background.


Not all pots are marked with P.A.W. Some small pots only have CZECHO SLOVAKIA, and others simply GESETZLICH GESCHUZT.