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The history and description of PAW pottery

Paul Wranitzky

Paul Wranitzky was born in 1836 in the Moravian town of Svojkovice (Teltsch), which is approximately 4.5 km northwest of the market town of Schelletau.

It is not certain when he started work in Frainersdorf as the postmaster. However, he was definitely there on 12 March 1864, when his son Viktor was born, from his first marriage.

On May 1 1874 Paul Wranitzky founded a pottery business in house number 14. His first workers were simple potters and their apprentices. With his mediocre products he only achieved modest sales at first. This proved to be a serious problem in the highly competitive market at the time. However, upon deciding to work on improving the quality of workmanship, he gradually increased the sales and the pottery grew in size.

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Factory workers at the height of their success

His first success was in the manufacture of refectory crockery and especially of decorative ware, toys and luxury items, where there was a gap in the market. For many years he visited the Leipzig Trade fair to find new markets.

Paul Wranitzky had not only opened up new sales areas in all states of the monarchy, but also in Germany, England, the Orient and in the United States. This made it necessary to continually expand his company.
On May 8, 1889, just as the business was beginning to really take off, he died suddenly. At the time there were 85 workers in the factory. Anna Wranitzky (born Schramek), his second wife, not only led the business successfully from then on, but she also expanded it considerably.