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The history and description of PAW pottery

Art Nouveau in Blossom

"Blühender Jugendstil" or "Art Nouveau in Blossom" is a book in two volumes by Dr. Waltraud Neuwirth (1991), now out of print, that contains a lot of information about the ceramics from the P. A. Wranitzky pottery in Frainersdorf, Moravia.

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Today more than thirty of the items are still in existence, although not on display, at the Technical Museum Vienna. One piece, a vase number 725, size 5, with the Gesetzlich Geschützt mark is dated as 1904, with the year written on a piece of cardboard attached with a string to the neck. As well as vases and bowls, the collection also includes several large plaques, about 43 cms in diameter, glazed with figures and Austrian scenes, that carry the mark "P.A.W. Frainersdorf Süd Mähren AP".

Dr. Neuwirth concludes that "The Wranitzky ceramics draw their special charm from the cheerful colourfulness of their designs on the brilliant red-brown of the ground. Pale glazed surfaces, used especially for the larger plaques, are much rarer."

It explains that "A collection of glazed pottery vessels with plant decorations" went into the collection of the Technical Museum for Industry and Trade by way of the Museum of the History of Austrian Products (Inv no. 1026). It included 53 pieces, or 57 pieces with three saucers and lids.

All the pots on this page, have the same number as those illustrated in the book.